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ResinTech lab services cannot accept solutions that are classified as Hazardous or contain high concentrations of solvents, acids, bases, radionuclides etc. Please call for confirmation if there are any questions.

Physical Characteristics

This list of physical characteristics includes a list of nine (9) tests that can be critical in diagnosing water quality problems. These items are analyzed using wet chemistry methods.

Inorganic Compounds

Inorganic compounds can be naturally occurring in water, based upon the localized geological formations. However, many inorganic compounds end up in the water due to agricultural activities and in the case of fluoride may be purposefully added to the water.

Metals & Minerals

This group of analytes includes many elements from the periodic table. While many of these contaminants can be naturally occurring in the environment, others can be introduced into the water from industrial activities and other human influences activities.


Radiological contaminants such as radon, radium and uranium in water can impact treatment options, due to potential disposal concerns.

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When using containers from your home or lab to collect samples, follow the instructions indicated on the Sample for Analysis form below. If you do not have containers or are unsure of what you should specifically be testing for, we recommend our Water Testing Kits. Our test kits are pre-packaged with everything you need to take a proper water sample. From basic water health to serious contamination concerns, well water or city water, we have a kit to suit your needs.

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