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Technical Support
ResinTech's expert technical staff has considerable experience in virtually all ion exchange and adsorption applications. They are dedicated to the corporate objective of providing customers with, "better working ion exchangers through excellent products and the best technical support available anywhere.

Resin Performance Prediction

ResinTech features performance ratings for its resins using the proprietary simulation technology developed by ResinTech specifically for ion exchange applications. This technology goes far beyond the traditional water treatment data provided by competitive suppliers. Performance predictions in chemical processing, product purification and waste treatment are all available with this exciting new technology. The company's technical support group routinely provides these "Resin Ratings," estimating both resin life and return-on-investment for alternate resin choices on specific operating conditions. Available online or by fax, the accuracy of these simulations has been documented in technical papers given at major industry conferences. The Resin Ratings help customers decide on the need for remedial action and help evaluate the potential cost or savings effects of those actions.

ResinTech offers resin testing, extensive laboratory services and detailed water testing. These services provide customers a comprehensive evaluation about their resin and operating conditions for optimal ion exchange resin performance.

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