RESINTECH has developed an application technology resource group that includes state-of-the-art laboratories and a group of scientists dedicated to expanding the frontiers of application technology. This group is put to use whenever product or process recommendations are requested, assuring that customers get the most cost-effective approach to achieving their process goals.

Choose a catagory from below - 

 - Aquarium Treatment
 - Arsenic Removal
 - Dealkalization
 - Dechlorination
 - EDM Treatment
 - Metal Finishing Applications
 - Nitrate Removal
 - Perchlorate Removal
 - Pharmaceutical Applications
 - Point-of-Use Cartridges
 - Portable Exchange
 - Potable Water Treatment
 - Powdered Resins
 - Power Industry
 - Radwaste Treatment
 - Precious Metal Recovery
 - Removal of Natural Radioactivity
 - Removal of Naturally Occuring Organics
 - Softening
 - Support Beds & Filtration Media
 - Ultrapure Water Production
 - VOC Treatment & Removal
 - Wastewater Treatment

Technical References

  • Recommended Resins for Specific Contaminants
  • Typical Properties Bulletin

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