Water Analysis


1. Collect a minimum of 500 ml of water in a clean plastic container.
2. Each sample container should be clearly labelled and tightly sealed.
3. Fill out the Water Sample Analysis form completely and include with the sample.
4. Ensure that all the relevant information pertaining to the sample is listed in the Sample Information section of the form:

Sample ID: Specific for each sample
Water Type: i.e Waste, Process, Raw etc.
Sampler: Name or Initials
Filtered: If the sample was filtered, list the micron rating.

5. List the reason for the analysis, and how the information will be used in the Notes section of the form.

Secure and ship samples along with the completed form to:

ResinTech Inc.

Attn: Water Testing Laboratory
160 Cooper Road
West Berlin, New Jersey 08091

Water Analysis Form
Lab Fees

TURNAROUND:  Typical turnaround time for a standard analysis is one week, however “rush” analysis can be provided in most cases within three business days. NOTE:  A 50% markup to standard pricing will apply for all rush testing.

DISCLAIMER:  Water samples must be NON-HAZARDOUS. ResinTech lab services cannot accept solutions that are classified as Hazardous or contain high concentrations of Solvents, Acids, Bases, Radionuclides etc. Please call for confirmation if there are any questions.

Any questions, please contact Greg Knoettner: Direct - 856-336-6860 • Email - gknoettner@resintech.com

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