Resin Analysis

It is important to take resin samples and have them analyzed at regular intervals in order to avoid issues with system reliability, poor water quality, excessive chemical use, and other possible problems. Regular analysis not only helps identify potential fouling and need for cleaning but can also be used to track the normal aging of resin as an aid to scheduling resin replacement and preventing catastrophic failures. 

Laboratory ServicesIn order to expedite analysis and to ensure ResinTech's analysis is tailored to specific customer needs, we have included an analysis form to download (Adobe PDF format) along with detailed instructions on resin sampling. We ask that you complete this form and include it along with the samples. We also request that you maintain a copy for your records. Please review the attached instructions carefully and fill out the form with as much detail as possible. Your phone number, fax number, and e-mail are required to ensure prompt service.

In addition, we ask that you send a minimum 500-milliliter sample in a durable sealed container (to avoid breakage during shipment). Pour off any free liquid from the sample before shipping. If you require non-standard or additional testing we recommend a minimum 1,000-milliliter sample so we may complete all required testing without requiring additional samples, which could possibly delay process times.

Typical turn around time for a standard analysis is one week, however, "rush" analysis can be provided in most cases within three business days.

*Note: Additional charges may apply

Should you have any questions, comments or require additional help in completing the analysis form please contact:
Greg Knoettner
Customer Support Analyst
Direct: (856) 336-6860
Fax: 856.768.9601



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