Catalytic 12×40 CS

Granular Activated Carbon

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Catalyic 12×40 CS is a unique catalytic 12 x 40 mesh coconut shell carbon that can be utilized in the liquid phase for the promotion of oxidation, reduction, decomposition, substitution, and elimination reactions. Specific applications include chloramines and hydrogen sulfide removal from potable, process and other waters and peroxide destruction.

  • Chloromine Reduction

  • Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction

  • Medical

  • Peroxide Destruction

Typical Properties

Physical Form Carbonaceous Granules
Color Black
Particle Size 12 to 40 US Mesh (400 - 1680 μm)
Temperature Limit 212°F (100°C)
Moisture Retention <5% or N/A
Shipping Weight 32 - 34 lbs/ft³ (513 - 545 g/L)
REACH Registered YES


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