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ResinTech resins are widely used in the nuclear power industry for make-up demineralization, radwaste treatment, and condensate polishing. These resins are available as standard, stand-alone products and are also available as custom designed products for specific specification needs.

Nuclear grade ion exchange resins must also have low levels of both organic and ionic impurities such that they do not leach any objectionable contaminants into the treated water.

ResinTech offers a variety of coarse grade and uniform particle size resins specifically for the nuclear industry, including highly crosslinked resins with excellent thermal stability. These resins are available in a variety of ionic forms such as ammonia and amine forms for cation resin and hydroxide form for anion resin, suitable for immediate use without preconditioning or regeneration.

All of ResinTechs condensate polishing resins are available in uniform particle size (UPS) as well as Gaussian size distributions.


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