Technical Papers and Articles


Essentials of Ion Exchange
Water Temperature Effects On Resin
Interpretation of Resin Analysis
Making Sense of an Incomplete Water Analysis
Protect the Resin
Protecting Ion Exchange Resins from Suspended Solids
Resin Regeneration: More than Meets the Eye


Cleaning Oil Fouled Resins
Potassium Chloride as an Alternate Regenerant
Brine Regeneration Considerations
Softener Resin and Chlorine Limitations

Groundwater Remediation

Superfund Site Cleanup of Chromate Contaminated Groundwater
Ion Exchange Treatment for the Removal of Groundwater Contaminants
Nitrate Removal by Ion Exchange
Nitrate Selective Ion Exchange Resins
Perchlorate Removal
Tapping into High Nitrate Groundwater
Chromate Removal at the Hanford Site
Chromate Removal at the Hanford Site Part 2

Ultrapure Water

Sources of TOC in Deionized Water
Factors in High Purity MB Demineralizers
Boron Removal from Ultrapure Water


Predicting the Operating Capacity of Strong Base Anion
Principles of Counter-Current Demineralization

Activated Carbon

pH Adjustment of Acid Washed Carbons

Emerging Contaminants

Removal of Unconventional Impurities
Radium Removal
Uranium Removal

Portable Exchange Deionization (PEDI)

Optimizing Portable Exchange DI Plants
Good Housekeeping in PEDI Plants
Considerations in PEDI
DI Water Case Study
PEDI Mixed Bed Overnight Soak
Practical Aspects of Service DI
Use of PEDI in the Power Industry

Organics Removal

Reversible Organics Removal

Waste Treatment

Lead Removal
Waste Water Treatment Using Ion Exchange
Heavy Metals Removal

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