Iodine 129 Reduction

Chemical Formula: I
Present as: anion

Radioactive iodine is a manmade isotope with properties similar to other isotopes of iodine. Radio-iodine is present in water as iodide. As a trace ion it can be removed by various types of strong base anion resins, favoring the higher amines. Silver and silver impregnated medias show increased affinity for iodides.

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Media Sub Category Selective Exchanger
Polymer Matrix Styrenic Gel

- Perchlorate Reduction
- Nitrate Reduction
- Iodide Reduction
- Pertechnetate Reduction
- PFAS Reduction


Media Sub Category Strong Base Anion
Polymer Matrix Styrenic Gel
Ionic Form Chloride

- Demineralization
- Trace Contaminants (U, Cr, As, Se, F, ClO₄, ClO₃)
- Nitrate Reduction
- Sulfate Reduction

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