Germanium Reduction

Chemical Formula: Ge
Present as: cation

Germanium is a chemical element with symbol Ge and atomic number 32. It is a lustrous, hard, grayish-white metalloid in the carbon group, chemically similar to its group neighbors tin and silicon. Pure germanium is a semiconductor with an appearance similar to elemental silicon. Like silicon, germanium naturally reacts and forms complexes with oxygen in nature. Unlike silicon, it is too reactive to be found naturally on Earth in the free (elemental) state.
Because it seldom appears in high concentration, germanium was discovered comparatively late in the history of chemistry. Germanium ranks near fiftieth in relative abundance of the elements in the Earth’s crust.
Germanium is used instead of silicon in high end semiconductors such as LED’s and solar panels.

Germanium forms covalent compounds that are mostly not ionized. It is a semiconductor in the same group as silicon. Current uses include fiber optics and night vision goggles.

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